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Who we are

Imagine Social Studios

Imagine Social Studios is a gaming and software development company founded in San Diego, California, in 2017. Our primary goal is simple: To provide gaming options to all that promote and reward positive actions. We are focusing on integrating technology and research to reinforce pro-social behavior in both home and school settings to achieve this goal.


About the Team

Jeff Yarnall

Jeff Yarnall is the founder of Imagine Social Studios. He received a Master's in School Psychology in 2016 from Alliant International University.

While working with students with social skills deficits, he became frustrated with the extreme lack of technologically advanced training tools. At the urging of his colleagues and supervisors, he made the decision to right this apparent wrong.

When Jeff isn't struggling to merge counseling and code, he loves doing anything not involving the beach, in spite of the fact that he grew up five miles away from it.

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Mystery Academy

Something strange is going on at C. Creasy Academy, and it's up to you to find out what! You'll need to use every last ounce of wit you have, along with advice from your unparalleled companion Hamilton D. Hamster, to save the school from an unseen foe. Make friends, solve puzzles and discover the secrets behind Mystery Academy!


  • Intriguing Characters

  • Realistic Dialogue and Voices
  • Challenging Social Puzzles

Our Creation Philosophy

We hope to design games that focus on encouraging positive behaviors while simultaneously requiring them to stand alone as engaging, challenging and fun experiences. While it may be difficult to combine the two, the benefits such games could provide for individuals and their community are vital in our rapidly changing and tech-forward world.